Welcome to ENGL 100

Welcome to Academic English (ENGL 100). My name is Ann Newman, and I’ll be your instructor this semester. This is our class blog, where after each class, I’ll post what we did in class that day, what your homework is, and what we will do in the next class. This way you’ll always know what is going on.

In addition, I’ve provided links to important documents and handouts, which is especially helpful if you miss a class or if you lose a handout. For example, to the right of this blog, you’ll see the link for the syllabus and calendar under the heading entitled Course Documents. If you click on the link, you’re able to access the pdf file. However, you can also access any file or document by clicking on the highlighted word in the blog text. For example, if you click on ENGL 100 syllabus & calendar, you’re able to access the file without going to MyGUST or to the links to the right of this blog. (Students who join the private Facebook groups will find the files used in class attached to the posting for that particular day.)

Currently, I’m revising and updating this blog. I’ll be adding links to videos in the near future.

I look forward to meeting each of you registered in Sections 7, 54, and 55 on Sunday, January 26. Be sure to bring your laptops, power cord, and a flash memory to each scheduled class. Also, be sure to check this blog daily.

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