The comparison essay introduction

What we did in class, today – After I showed students how to check their course grades in SIS, we analyzed the construction of a comparison essay (click here for .pdf file used in class) and the development and organization of a comparison introduction (click here for .pdf file used in class).

Today’s class video – The video of today’s class has been posted to MyGUST. You can find the link under 9 Feb- 15 Feb.


  1. Choose two persons, things, places, etc. to compare and contrast. Be sure that there are at least three aspects; for each aspect, there must be at least one similarity and at least one difference. Download the essay template and save it as your name to the hard drive of your laptop. Type the rough draft of your introduction in it. Upload your homework to Turnitin before class on Tuesday.
  2. Read three Empower3000 articles and answer the MCQs before midnight tomorrow, Feb. 14. I will take your the top scores for three articles (first attempts only), so if you do not get at least a 90, read additional articles.

What we will do in class on Tuesday, Feb 16 – We will revise the rough draft of our introduction.

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