Using contextual clues in reading

What we did in class, today – Using the .pdf file Reading in Context, I discussed how we can use contextual clues to figure out the meanings of unfamiliar words that we encounter in reading texts. Then, students completed an on-line quiz (available in MyGUST) to use this reading technique.

Congratulations to the following students for reading extra articles this week:

  • Section 6 – Alaa, 11; Bashayer, 11; Dhoha, 6: Halah, 6; Iptisam, 21; Janaat, 11; Khaledah, 10; Khaloud, 5; Mariam, 11; Noura, 6; Sara, 8; sara, 4; Shaikha, 23; Thuraya, 8
  • Section 54 – Abdullah H, 10; Omar, 17; Yaghoub, 8
  • Section 55 – Abdulkarim Al S. 8; Talal, 6

Class video – See MyGUST for the link to today’s class video.

Bonus credit – If you have read a total of 20 articles and completed the Activities during the period of Feb 7 through Feb 28, you will receive bonus credit.


  1. Read at least three Empower3000 articles and complete the accompanying Activity before midnight tomorrow, Feb 28. If you need more articles to read, use Search in Empower3000 to locate topics that you are interested in.
  2. Complete the Contextual Clues quiz in MyGUST before midnight on Monday, March 3.

What we will do in class on Sunday, March 2 – We will revise our comparison essay.

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