Effect essay body paragraphs

What we did in class, today – We initially reviewed how to get the reader’s attention in our first sentence. Below are some examples for the topic of wasta.

Dictionary.com (2014) defines nepotism as “patronage bestowed or favoritism shown on the basis of family relationships, as in business and politics.” In the Middle East, the term wasta is used in place of nepotism. However, wasta entails more than just helping family members, for it actually means helping friends and friends of friends as well as family members. Wasta is due to xxxxxxxxx Regardless of the causes, wasta often results in bureaucracy, inequality, and danger.

Nepotism, पक्षपात, باندبازي – regardless of the language, the meaning is the same: helping someone outside the rules of how the ministry or department is to be run. In the Middle East, the term wasta ….

Then, we discussed how to write the body of an effect essay. (The effect essay should be written in the Essay Template saved as your name.)

  • Write topic sentence.
  • Explain topic sentence.
  • Give an example.
  • Add a concluding sentence.

Model effect essay:

(Opening sentence that attracts attention.) (Several background sentences on causes of cheating.) Regardless of the causes, cheating often results in three major effects: good grades, social standing, and a diploma.

An initial effect due to cheating is receiving good grades. The goal of every cheater is to have good grades, so if he/she “earns” them dishonestly, that major goal has been met (Evans, 2014). For example, Dora the Explorer has a busy social life but strict parents, who expect her to do well in her composition class (Jones, n.d.). By cheating, she has managed to “earn” good grades and, at the same time, enjoy her social life. How? When writing in-class essays, she logs onto Messenger and has a friend standing by to write her essay once Dora lets her know the writing prompt. By doing this, she does not need to attend class or pay attention in class to learn how to write on her own. In short, good grades can result from cheating.

In addition to getting good grades, cheating can lead to social standing. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The final major effect due to cheating is obtaining a diploma. Xxxxxxxxx

To conclude, good grades, social standing, and a diploma are often due to cheating. (Summary main points. Add a concluding sentence.)

Class video – The link to today’s video is found in the MyGUST portal.


  1. Revise your first rough draft before class on Thursday, March 20.
  2. Read at least three Empower3000 articles and complete the accompanying Activities before midnight on Friday, March 21.

What we will do in class on Thursday, March 20 – Students will revise their rough draft. At the end of the class, they will submit their first draft and second draft in one file (saved as their name) on their flash memory.

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