Final draft of essay 3

What we did in class, today – Students collected their flash memories, which contained their first and second drafts of Essay 3. I had given feedback on their second draft. Afterwards, students wrote their final draft of the essay. Students were encouraged to go to the Writing Lab so that Ms. Reem or Ms. Heba could help them edit their papers. I also reminded students when my office hours are and encouraged them to come for help.

Class video – The link to the class video can be found in the MyGUST portal.


  1. Revise and edit Essay 3 in the same file that was returned to you on your flash memory. Submit the file to Turnitin before class on Tuesday. You will also submit your flash memory to me at the beginning of class. Please remember that class begins on the hour and that I do not accept late work.
  2. Read at least three Empower3000 articles and complete the accompanying Activities before midnight on Friday, April 4.

What we will do in class on Tuesday, April 1 – Students will submit their flash memories containing all three drafts of Essay 3 at the beginning of class. Then, we will write Thought Question 2 in class, so be sure to bring your laptop.

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