Argumentation essay

What we did in class, today – We reviewed the guidelines for Essay 5 and discussed the following terms:

  • claim (thesis that you are arguing)
  • argument (the reason why your claim/thesis is true)
  • evidence (the facts that support your arguments/reasons)
  • counterargument (the opposition’s objection/reason why your thesis is wrong)
  • refutation (your answer why the counterargument/objection is wrong)

Students were told that all information must come from the  sites listed below and that the information must be paraphrased and cited.

Class video – There is no class video for today because I forgot the camera.

Bonus credit – Students who have read at least 10 Empower3000 articles and completed the Activities between March 29 and April 11 will receive bonus credit.


  1. Complete the graphic organizer before class on Thursday.
  2. Read at least three Empower3000 articles and complete the Activities before midnight on Friday, April 11.

What we will do in class on Thursday, April 10 – We will peer review each other’s graphic organizers and then begin writing Essay 5.

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