Class cancelled for April 22

What we did in class, today – Due to unforeseen circumstances, class was cancelled for today, April 22.

If you did not collect your flash memory on Sunday, you can collect it tomorrow from Mrs. Maria Fernandes, the English Department secretary.

Class video – The link to the class video can be accessed in MyGUST.


  1. Please watch the video recorded earlier today to learn how to write better Thought Question essays. (It should be finished uploading to YouTube by late tonight.)
  2. Don’t forget that your revised and edited Essay 5 must be submitted to Turnitin before class on Thursday, April 24. It should also be saved to your flash memory. I will collect your flash memory at the beginning of class on Thursday.
  3. Read at least three Empower3000 articles and do the Activities before midnight on Friday, April 25.

What we will do in class on Thursday, April 24 – We will discuss more ways to improve our marks on Thought Questions and the Accuplacer final exam.

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