Achieve3000 Lexile LevelSet Diagnostic Reading Quiz

What we did in class, today – I collected the Unit 5 Compare-Contrast handouts and gave students feedback on pp. 106-07 while they took the diagnostic quiz. Students were asked to use their mobiles to snap a picture of their usernames and passwords for Achieve 3000. Then, they used their laptops/iPads/mobiles to take the Achieve3000 lexile level/set diagnostic reading quiz. If you did not finish the diagnostic, complete it at home before 8 p.m. (the system shuts down after 8 p.m. for diagnostic quizzes).

Class video – There is no class video for today.

Homework – There is no homework for Wednesday.

What we will do in class on Wednesday, Sept. 17 – Bring your laptop/iPad to class on Wednesday because we will be doing an exercise for marks. You will not be allowed to use your mobile, so borrow a laptop/iPad if yours isn’t working. Also, bring the Unit 5 Compare-Contrast handout from last Wednesday.

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