Essay 1 revision

What we did in class, today – Students finished revising rough drafts of Essay 1 and submitted their final drafts to Turnitin. Students who still had not opened a Turnitin account will lose 10 marks. Students who did not bring their laptops and had to write on paper will lose 5 marks.

Class video – There is no class video, today.


  1. “Biking in Bangkok” has been sent to your Achieve3000 inbox. Read the article and do the Activity before class on Wednesday.
  2. Memorize Week 5 vocabulary before Wednesday, Oct. 15. The list is in MyGUST.
  3. Read at least three Achieve3000 articles and do the Activities before midnight on Friday, October 17.

What we will do on Wednesday, Oct. 15 – We will review reading in context, have a vocabulary contest, and discuss building cohesion in our essays.

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