Vocabulary quiz, vocabulary contest, and summarizing for Essay 3

What we did in class, today – After taking in-class Vocabulary Quiz 2, students worked on vocabulary cartoons 1) as a method to reinforce vocabulary and 2) as part of the vocabulary competition. Congratulations to Alaa K. in Section 6 and Khaled in Section 55, the winner of this week’s vocabulary competition. Afterwards, we discussed summarizing and paraphrasing.

  • A summary contains only the main points from an article or a paragraph. It does not contain details. You use your own words, and you must cite the author, title, and publication date.
  • A paraphrase is where you use your own words to tell all the ideas – and details – in an article or paragraph.
  • Neither a summary nor a paraphrase contains your ideas or your beliefs.

Class video – The link to today’s class video can be accessed in MyGUST.


  1. Finish writing the body of Essay 3. It should start with the topic sentence followed by a summary of your cause. Then, add an example. Your paragraph should be at least 125 words in length.
  2. Read at least four Achieve3000 articles this week and do the corresponding Activities before midnight on Friday, Nov. 14.

What we will do in class on Wednesday, Nov. 12 – We will add citations for the articles we summarized and paraphrased and begin revising Essay 3.

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