Achieve3000 LevelSet Post Diagnostic Test

What we did in class, today – I returned students’ flash memories with their marked Essay 5. A major problem was students confused argumentation with contrast. After taking the Achieve3000 LevelSet post diagnostic test, students worked on their rough drafts of Essay 6.


  1. Finish writing Essay 6 before class on Wednesday, Dec. 10. Go to the Writing Lab so that Ms. Reem and/or Ms. Rawan can help you with your grammar and punctuation. Come to for me for extra help with the composition. (My office hours are 11:30-12:30 each weekday in W1-170.)
  2. Read at least three Achieve3000 articles and complete the corresponding activities before midnight on Friday, Dec. 12. (When you complete these three readings, you will have 37 reading grades in SIS on Saturday morning.)

What we will do in class on Wednesday, Dec. 10 – Students will finish revising and editing their drafts of Essay 6 in class. At the end of class, I will collect students’ final drafts of Essay 6 saved on their flash memories.

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