No class today yet there is homework

What we did in class, today – I cancelled class today because I am ill. I will not hold my office hour, today.


  1. I have marked all students’ Essay 1 except for the one that was handwritten. To view my comments on your paper, log in to Turnitin. Click on “view” and  place the cursor on the call out to see what I’ve written. If you wish to discuss your paper, you must conference with me in my office (12:00-12:50 on STT and 1:00-1:50 on MW in W1-170). I do not conference via e-mail.
  2. To check that I’ve entered your mark correctly in SIS, go to the GUST home page and log in to SIS. Click on the icon to the left of ENGL 100. You will see all of your marks as well as your course grade. Please let me know (in writing) if there is an error. You have two days from today to do so, as per the syllabus.
  3. Read at least three Achieve3000 articles and complete the corresponding activities before midnight on Friday, Feb. 13. Please note that if you did not read three articles last week, you need to make them up in addition to the three articles for this week. For example, if you only read two articles last week, you need to read five Achieve articles and do the corresponding articles this week.

What we will do on Wednesday, Feb. 11 – We will practice skimming and scanning to prepare for the reading section of the final exam; we will also practice “speed writing” to prepare for the timed 50-minute in-class comparison and contrast essay we will write on Monday, Feb. 16.

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