Essay 3

What we did in class, today  We discussed causal chain effect essays and reviewed the Essay 3 handout in MyGUST. We also discussed how to write an introduction for a causal chain effect essay, particularly one on ivory poaching leading to the eventual extinction of the African elephant.


  1. Read at least three Achieve3000 articles and complete the corresponding activities before midnight on Friday, March 6. Please note that if you did not read three articles last week, you need to make them up in addition to the three articles for this week. For example, if you only read two articles last week, you need to read five Achieve articles and do the corresponding articles this week.
  2. Download and print the articles you will be using for Essay 3. Write your introduction. Bring these to class on Wednesday, March 4.
  3. Go to your Achieve3000 e-mail to see the message I sent you. Read “How to Save the Giraffes” and write a one-paragraph summary before class on Monday, March 9.

What we will do on Wednesday, March 4 – We work use paraphrasing and summarizing to integrate our researched information into our Essay 3 body paragraphs.

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