Welcome to ENGL 100

What we did in class, today – We reviewed the syllabus. Students were asked to bring their textbook, Great Writing: Great Essays to Research, laptops and USBs to each class.


  1. Download the Essay Template here or in MyGUST and save it to your laptop’s hard drive as your name, e.g. Amira – Process Essay.
  2. Download the Prescriptive Essay “Balloon Magic” from MyGUST and print a copy to bring to class on Wednesday.
  3. Go to the Website How Things Are Made (available here or from MyGUST) and choose a video to watch. Take notes of the process used to make what you have chosen. Bring your notes to class on Wednesday.

What we will do in class on Wednesday, Sept. 9 – We will analyze a prescriptive and a descriptive essay and the introduction, paying special attention to the hook and the thesis statement. We will begin the rough draft of our descriptive essay in class.

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