Skimming and scanning

What we did in class, today – Section 6 reviewed how to write an introduction for a process essay, along with how to cite sources. After that, students began writing their introduction in the Essay Template. Students  who had brought their laptops and finished most of the rough draft of their introductions within 50 minutes received a mark. I introduced the reading technique of skimming and scanning in Sections 6, 11 and 12. Student in Sections 11 and 12 worked in groups to complete the Big Scan Reading Quiz as well as individually completing Skimming and Scanning Reading Quiz 1 (available in MyGUST).


  1. Section 6 students should finish writing their introductions before class on Monday, Sept. 28.
  2. Every student should complete Skimming and Scanning Reading Quizzes 1, 2, 3 and 4 before 11 a.m. on Monday, Sept. 28. These on-line reading quizzes are available in MyGUST and can be repeated ad many times as you wish until 11:00 a.m. on Sept. 28. Your highest mark for each quiz will be recorded.

What we will do in class on Monday, Sept. 28 – We will write our descriptive process essay body paragraphs.

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