Synthesizing (cont.)

What we did in class, today – Students used Peermark in Turnitin to peer-review the one-paragraph synthesis of the three articles (p. 59, p. 64, and the handout “Orlando was the No. 1 U.S. tourist destination in 2014”). Afterwards, we discussed how to expand the paragraph into a five paragraph essay and wrote an outline for the essay (Activity 7 on pp. 68-69). We finished this session by reading “How Weather Has Changed World History” (pp. 139-141) and answering the post-reading questions on pp. 141-142.


  1. Complete the outline on pp. 68-69 by adding the hook, background, and at least two supports for each main point. Have this completed before class on Monday, Oct. 26.
  2. By Wednesday, Oct. 28, memorize the vocabulary on p. 142 and be able to use the words in sentences.
  3. Go to your Achieve3000 inbox. Open the message I sent you today (Oct. 19). Read “Too Many Climbers?” and complete the activity. Also, do the thought question. However, disregard the directions for the thought question. What I want you to do is write a one-paragraph summary of the article. Your paragraph must include at least three sentences. Be sure to use your own words. The activity and thought question must be completed before 11:55 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 23. (If you have already read “Too Many Climbers,” you must still do the thought question for it. However, you must choose three other Achieve3000 articles to do the activities for.)
  4. Choose any other two Achieve3000 articles, read them, and complete the activities before 11:55 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 23.
  5. If you have not written the Thought Question for “How Much for a Glass of Water,” complete it. I will deduct 10 marks for late work.
  6. If you have not submitted your process essay, bring your flash memory to me during my office hours so that I can upload it to Turnitin and mark it. Ten (10) marks will be deducted for late work.

What we will do in class on Monday, Oct. 26 – We will discuss how to write a cause and effect essay (Unit 6).

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