Writing the body of Paper 1

What we did in class, today – After reviewing how to write a descriptive essay body paragraph, students composed the first body paragraph of Paper 1. It was announced that students are to upload their completed rough draft before midnight on Thursday, Feb. 4. Also, it was announced that I had sent a memo yesterday afternoon with a link to a “Butterflies on the Rose” to replace “Butterflies Doing Better.”


  • Read Achieve3000 articles “Global Conflicts: Putting an End to Child Labor,” “Deep Sea Treasure,” and “What Kids Eat at School” and complete the corresponding Activities before midnight on Friday, Feb. 5. (These articles are available in your Achieve3000 inbox.)
  • My oral feedback on your introduction rough draft is available in Turnitin. Be sure to listen to it before you revise your introduction.
  • Memorize the vocabulary on Word List 1, Word List 2 and Week 3 Vocabulary List.

What we will do on Thursday, Feb. 4 – We will write the Paper 1 conclusion paragraph and will have a short on-line vocabulary quiz.

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