Vocab Quiz 1 and Achieve3000

What we did in class, today – After taking Vocabulary Quiz 1 Parts A and B, we discussed our Achieve3000 assignments. Students were also reminded to upload their completed rough draft – containing the introduction and three body paragraphs – to Turnitin before midnight, tonight.


  • Submit Paper 1 to Turnitin before midnight, tonight, Feb. 4. Paper 1 will contain the introduction and three body paragraphs.
  • Read Achieve3000 articles “Global Conflicts: Putting an End to Child Labor,” “Deep Sea Treasure,” and “What Kids Eat at School” and complete the corresponding Activities before midnight on Friday, Feb. 5. (These articles are available in your Achieve3000 inbox.)
  • For Achieve3000 next week, you may choose any three articles that are in your Achieve3000 in-box, or you may use the Achieve3000 search engine to find articles. However, the vocabulary for Week 4 will be based on “New Smart Phone Maker Passes Apple,” “The Gift of Life,” and “Helping Mother Nature.”
  • Review the pdf file on how to write a descriptive process conclusion.

What we will do on Sunday, Feb. 7 – We will write the conclusion for Paper 1 and submit the rough draft of Paper 1 to Turnitin in class.

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