Vocabulary Quiz 2

What we did today – Students took Vocabulary Quiz 2, which was based on Week 1Week 2Week 3, and Week 4 vocabulary. While students were taking the quiz, I collected their flash memories and submitted their Essay 1 to Turnitin.

Bonus Credit Opportunities

  • For each 45-minute tutoring session in the English Department’s Writing Lab, you will receive 1/2% bonus credit, for a maximum of 5% bonus credit. (See MyGUST for details.)
  • Students who receive 75 or above on 10 Achieve3000 reading activities (first attempt) between Feb. 6 and 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 19 will earn 1/2% bonus credit.
  • Students who attend the Flash Fiction: Stories in 5 to 55 Words on Monday, Feb. 15, in W4-101 at 12:30 p.m will receive 1/2% bonus credit. If they submit a 5- or 55-word short story by Feb. 18, they will receive an additional 1/2% credit.


  • For Achieve3000 this week, you may choose any three articles that are in your Achieve3000 in-box (“New Smart Phone Maker Passes Apple,” “The Gift of Life,” and “Helping Mother Nature”) or you may use the Achieve3000 search engine to find articles. However, you must read three Achieve3000 articles and complete the Activities before midnight on Friday, Feb. 12.
  • The Week 5 Vocabulary List is based on “Heroes in Sports, Heroes in Life,” “Global Upheavals, Tea for Peace,” and “Global Conflicts: Mapping the Past.” Memorize these words and how they are used in sentences, for there will be a vocabulary quiz on Wednesday, Feb. 18. The quiz will include words from Week 1Week 2Week 3, and Week 4 vocabulary lists as well as the Week 5 Vocabulary List. (Click here for the Week 5 vocabulary with their Arabic synonyms.)
  • Read pp. 52-71 in Great Writing 5.

What we will do on Sunday, Feb. 14 – We will learn about summarizing.

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