Midterm exam: Reading

What we did in class, today – Students took the reading section of the midterm examination. It is worth 10% of the course grade.

Bonus Credit Opportunities

  • Students who attend the Poetry Slam on Tuesday, March 15, at 12:00 noon in W1-010 will receive 1/2% bonus credit. Those students who recite or read one of their own poems in English will receive 5% bonus credit.
  • For each 45-minute tutoring session in the English Department’s Writing Lab, students will receive 1/2% bonus credit, for a maximum of 5% bonus credit. (See MyGUST for details.)
  • Students who receive 75 or above on 10 Achieve3000 reading activities (first attempt) between March 12 and 11:59 p.m. on March 25 will earn 1/2% bonus credit.


  • Memorize the patterns for effect essay thesis sentences and topic sentences before the writing section of the midterm exam on Tuesday, March 15.
  • Vocabulary Quiz 6 will be in class on Thursday, March 17. Vocabulary Quiz 6 will include words from Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4 Week 5Week 6,Week 7 andWeek 8 vocabulary lists. (The link for Arabic synonyms for Week 8 vocabulary can be accessed by clicking here.)
  • For Achieve3000 next week, you may read any one of the articles sent to your Achieve3000 in-box or you may use the Achieve3000 search engine to find an article. However, you must read one Achieve3000 article and complete the Activity for it AND complete one thought question before midnight on Friday, March 18.

What we will do in class on Tuesday, March 15 – We will take the writing part of the midterm exam in class. Consequently, be sure you have your laptop, flash memory and power cord with you.

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