Claim paragraphs

What we did today – We reviewed how to write a claim paragraph and students began the rough draft of their two claim paragraphs. They were told to continue writing these paragraphs in the file they submitted on Thursday, April 7. Their rough draft should be completed before class on Tuesday, April 12. The paper – containing the introduction and two claims – will be submitted to Turnitin before midnight on Thursday, April 14.

Bonus Credit Opportunities

  • For each 45-minute tutoring session in the English Department’s Writing Lab, students will receive 1/2% bonus credit, for a maximum of 5% bonus credit. (See MyGUST for details.)
  • Students who score 75 ≥ on their first attempt for 10 Achieve3000 activities completed between April 2 to 15 will receive a 1/2% bonus credit.

Final Exam 

  1. For the reading section, students will take the Achieve3000 post-test on Tuesday, April 19.
  2. For the writing section, students will write a five-paragraph essay on an unannounced topic. Still will sit for the writing section on Monday, May 2, at the following times:
  • Section 8 – May 2 at 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 in N3-201
  • Section 55 – May 2 at 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in N3-201


  • Read five Achieve3000 articles of your choice. Complete the activities for the five articles before midnight on Friday, April 15.
  • Review pp. 173-176 in Great Writing 5: Great Essays to Research before class on Sunday, April 17.

What we will do in class on Tuesday, April 12 – We will work on our two claim paragraphs.

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