Section 6 (Thursday): Introductions

What we did in class, today – Students reviewed the parts of an essay and did the exercises on pp. 7 and 8. Then, we reviewed several ‘hook’ techniques and how to write an introduction. Afterwards, working in groups, students wrote an introductory paragraph on a topic of their choice. Although each person’s name appeared at the bottom of the paragraph, one group member posted it to ‘Introductory paragraph’ in Turnitin. Finally, each student wrote 2-3 sentences describing what she had learned today and posted it to Turnitin under ‘What I learned in class today – Sept 22’. Each submission was due before 11:59 p.m., today.


  • If you did not submit your introductory paragraph or ‘What I learned today – Sept 22’ to Turnitin before you left class today, you must submit them before 11:59 p.m., tonight.
  • Read pp. 20-31 in Great Essays 5 before class on Sunday, Sept 25.
  • Read and complete the Activities for Achieve3000 articles “Look Who’s Tweeting,” “Shaping the Forest’s Future” and “Okapis Say ‘Cheese’” before midnight on Friday, Sept 23. If your first-attempt scores are less than 75, you can read extra Achieve3000 articles before the deadline, and I will record the highest top three first attempts.
  • Learn the vocabulary in Unit 1 before Tuesday, Sept 27.

What we will do in class on Sunday, Sept 25 – We continue studying the parts of an essay.

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