Sections 12 & 13 (Wednesday): Conclusions and Thought Question 1

What we did in class, today – We reviewed how to write a conclusion (pp. 23-26 in Great Essays 5) and, as groups, completed Activity 16 (p. 26 in Great Essays 5) for a mark. Afterwards, students wrote their rough drafts of a one-paragraph summary of “Strong as Steel” in Achieve3000. (They were told to disregard the Achieve3000 Thought Question instructions.) In Section 12, the rough draft had to be completed and saved in Achieve3000 before 5 p.m., today. Section 13 students had to complete and save their Thought Question rough draft by 6:30 p.m., this evening.


1. Students who leave the classroom during class time will be marked absent.

2. Mobiles must be kept in pockets or book bags. Students who have their mobiles out or appear to be looking at their mobiles will be marked absent.

Bonus Credit 

  • For each 30-minute tutoring session in the English Department’s Writing Lab (N2-103) located on the first floor of the GUST Library, you will receive 0.5% extra credit per tutoring session if you stay the entire 30 minutes and if you work sincerely. You may receive tutoring with your writing assignments and Achieve3000 thought questions. To receive help with your writing assignments, you must bring a soft (electronic) copy of your rough draft on a flash memory as well as a hard (photocopy) copy of the rough draft. The maximum extra credit you can earn is 5%. Your participation must be documented on the Bonus Credit Form.
  • Reading contest 1 – The contest covers the time period from Sunday, Sept 25, through Friday, Oct 7. This is for 0.5% extra credit. To receive credit, you must score 75 or above on Activities for 10 Achieve3000 articles. Only first attempt scores will count.


  • Revise your Thought Question (one-paragraph summary of “Strong as Steel”) in Achieve3000 before midnight on Thursday, Oct. 6.
  • Learn the vocabulary in Unit 1 before Monday, Oct 3.
  • Read and complete the Activities for Achieve3000 articles “Point and Read” and “Tiny Animals, Big Problem” before midnight on Friday, Sept 30. If your first-attempt scores are less than 75, you can read extra Achieve3000 articles before the deadline, and I will record the highest top three first attempts.

What we will do in class on Monday, Oct 3 – We will do a vocabulary activity as well as a write a timed rough draft of an essay on an assigned topic.

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