Section 6 (Thursday): Conclusions and contextual clues

What we did in class today  – We practiced using contextual clues to figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words. In addition, in order to prepare for the final reading exam, we will take a practice reading quiz. We finished the session with reviewing how to write a conclusion to our essay:

  1. Topic sentence: Start with a transition to indicate this is the conclusion – As can be seen, In brief, In closing, In conclusion, To summarize, It is clear that . . .
  2. Add a paraphrase of the thesis sentence:  As can be seen,  playing violent video games leads to changes in behavior, isolation, and brain damage.
  3. Summarize the main points: These games have changed the behavior for children, wanting to experience the thrill of violence, become violent themselves. Secondly, playing too much of these games can cause the path of isolation. Players isolate themselves in a virtual world where they can take control over the story and other Non-Player Characters (NPC). As these young minors play savage computer games, their brain cells are harmed. 
  4. End with a sentence that echoes back to introduction and does not introduce a new topic: In short, children playing Grand Theft Auto and other violent video games experience a new world, a new life and a new way to connect their feelings. 


  1. Read three Achieve3000 articles of your choice and complete the Activities before midnight on Friday, Nov. 25.
  2. Finish writing the conclusion of your essay and submit your essay to Turnitin before class on Sunday, Nov. 27.  Be sure to use the language of cause and effect and refer to the model cause and effect sentences handout. This will be Activity 15 and worth 2 marks (1 mark for writing the conclusion and 1 mark for having five paragraphs).
  3. If you attended Musical Poetry, be sure to bring a hard copy of your one-paragraph summary of the event to class on Sunday, Nov. 27, to receive your bonus credit.

Final Exam – Section 6 students will sit for the final reading exam on Sunday, Dec. 18, during their regular class time. They will take the writing final exam on Tuesday, Dec. 20, at 10 a.m. in N2-102. The time limit is 60 minutes. .

Bonus Credit



  • Reading contest 5 – The contest covers the time period from Saturday, Nov. 19, through Friday, Dec 2. This is for 0.5% extra credit. To receive credit, you must score 75 or above on Activities for 10 Achieve3000 articles. Only first attempt scores will count.
  • Attend Dr. Mai Al Nakib’s talk Anonymity in an Age of Disclosure: Musings on Privacy and Publicity on Wednesday, November 30, at 12:30 in W1-010. Write a summary of the event. This is for 0.5% extra credit.
  • Participate in a poetry writing workshop, December 7, at 12:30 in W1-010. This is for 0.5% extra credit.
  • For each 30-minute tutoring session in the English Department’s Writing Lab (N2-103) located on the first floor of the GUST Library, you will receive 0.5% extra credit per tutoring session if you stay the entire 30 minutes and if you work sincerely. You may receive tutoring with your writing assignments and Achieve3000 thought questions. To receive help with your writing assignments, you must bring a soft (electronic) copy of your rough draft on a flash memory as well as a hard (photocopy) copy of the rough draft. The maximum extra credit you can earn is 5%. Your participation must be documented on the Bonus Credit Form.

What we will do in class on Sunday, Nov 27 – We will practice for the Final Writing Exam.

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