Introductions and Achieve3000 Level-Set Diagnostic

What we did in class, today – Class began with a review of the post-reading homework (pp. 7-8 in Great Writing 5). Afterwards, the class compared introductions of essays (pp. 9-10 in Great Writing 5) and descriptive process introductions, with special emphasis on hooks (pp. 10-12 in Great Writing 5). Then, I distributed Achieve3000 usernames and passwords. Students who had not taken the Level-set diagnostic took it.


  • Read pp. 20-31 in Great Writing 5 before class on Monday, Jan. 30.
  • Complete the Activities for the two assigned Achieve3000 articles ‘Yoga for Everyone’ and ‘Book Fair’ in Somalia’ before midnight on Wednesday, Feb. 1. These articles are in your Achieve3000 inbox.

What we will do in class on Monday, Jan 30 – We will be working on pp. 20-31 in Great Writing 5, so be sure to bring your textbook.

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