Practice for midterm reading exam

What we did in class, today – Class begin with completing Activity 18 (pp. 27-28 in Great Writing 5) and brainstorm it (Activity 18 on pp. 27-28 in Great Writing 5). Afterwards, to prepare for the midterm reading exam, students read Achieve3000 article “One Smart Octopus,” which has been sent to their Achieve3000 inbox. I distributed handouts of the text and the questions. We discussed that students should:

  1. Always read the questions on an exam first;
  2. After looking at keywords in the questions, skim and scan for answers in the text;
  3. Go back and read the first and last sentences in each paragraph;
  4. Check their answers to the questions;
  5. Finally, read the entire article and check their answers to the questions;
  6. Go for their first guess if they have difficulty choosing between two answers.

After recording their answers on-line in Achieve3000 for “One Smart Octopus,” students did the Thought Question for the same reading. However, they were instructed not to follow the directions listed on the Thought Question page. Instead, they were directed to write a one-paragraph summary of the article in the frame and then click on submit. Both the Activity and Thought Question 1 were for a mark.

Link to YouTube video for what we did today – The link to the YouTube video for what we did today can be found under the Week of Jan. 29-Feb. 4.


  • Complete the Activities for the two assigned Achieve3000 articles ‘Yoga for Everyone’ and ‘Book Fair’ in Somalia’ before midnight on Wednesday, Feb. 1. These articles are in your Achieve3000 inbox.
  • Review pp. 32-51 in Great Writing 5 before class on Monday, Feb. 6.
  • Between Feb. 2 and before midnight on Feb. 8, complete the Activities for any two Achieve3000 articles of your choice.

What we will do in class on Monday, Feb 6 – We be completing textbook Activities, so be sure to bring your textbook, laptop and a flash memory.

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