Introduction to the descriptive process essay and Thought Question 1

What we did in class, today – Class began with an analysis of the difference between the two types of process essays: the prescriptive process essay and the descriptive process essay. After completing Activity 1 (p. 76 in Great Writing 5), students read Essay 7, “How to Succeed in a Job Interview” (pp. 77-79), and completed the post-reading activity on p. 80 in Great Writing 5.  Then, students wrote Thought Question 1 for Achieve3000 article “One Smart Octopus” for a mark. (Students had to write the assignment in class to receive credit for Thought Question 1.)

Note about Achieve3000 – After class, I researched the problem about Achieve3000 not showing five students’ Thought Question 1 submissions. It turns out that Achieve3000 has created different accounts for these five students. I will try to solve the problem before class on Wednesday. However, please note that everyone received credit for Thought Question 1 today if they wrote Thought Question 1 in class.

Link to YouTube video for what we did today – No video was recorded today.


  • Choose an topic that is suitable for a descriptive process essay and that can be researched on the Internet.
  • Review pp. 83-94 in Great Writing 5 before class on Wednesday, Feb. 8.
  • Between Feb. 2 and before midnight on Feb. 8, complete the Activities for any two Achieve3000 articles of your choice.

What we will do in class on Wednesday, Feb 8 – We will be working on our descriptive process essay practices. In addition, we be reading and completing an Achieve3000 article and Activity in class for a mark, so be sure to bring your textbook, laptop and a flash memory.

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