Descriptive process essay and skimming and scanning reading technique

What we did in class, today – After discussing strong thesis statements for process essays, students completed Activity 6 (p. 84). Then, we turned our attention to transitions and connectors (pp. 84-88). Next, we worked on editing an essay for grammar (pp. 91-94). Finally, we completed an Achieve3000 reading as Reading 4 to practice skimming and scanning for answers.

Check your marks in SIS – Marks for Thought Question 1 and Readings 1-3 are in SIS. If a mistake has been made, please notify me within 48 hours. Otherwise, the grade will not be changed.

Link to YouTube video for what we did today – The link for today’s video can be found in MyGUST for the Week of Feb. 5-11.


  • Review pp. 95-101 in Great Writing 5 before class on Monday, Feb. 13.
  • Between Feb. 9 and before midnight on Feb. 15, complete the Activities for any two Achieve3000 articles of your choice.

What we will do in class on Monday, Feb. 13 – We will be working on the outline for our descriptive process essays. These must be typed and submitted to Turnitin during class, so be sure to bring your laptop and flash memory.

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