Practice for the midterm reading and essay exams

What we did in class, today – I announced that students could earn bonus credit for their Achieve3000 activities by doing the following: Between today and before midnight on March 29, score at least 75 or above on 10 Achieve3000 activities. Only the marks for the first attempt will count.

Next, we practice for the midterm reading by discussing techniques to help answer the questions for “Save Our Coral” activity without reading the whole article. It was stressed that students should go back and read the whole article afterwards to check their answers. Students are to complete the on-line activity for “Save Our Coral” before midnight tonight. This will count as one of their three activities for the week.

We finished class by practicing for the midterm writing exam by completing Practice 1 for the Midterm Writing Exam. It had to be submitted before 6:20, today.

It was announced that students should submit the rough draft of their process essay before midnight tomorrow, March 14. Go to “Descriptive Process Essay” under the Week of Feb. 19-25 and click on Tab 4.

Opportunity to earn bonus credit – On Wednesday, March 15, from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., the English Club is hosting Kuwaiti author Buthaina Al Esa in W6-500. This is an opportunity for attendees to learn more about literature and a chance to meet this famous writer. In addition, students can earn 1/2 percent bonus credit for attending and an additional 1/2% if they submit their own short story or poem. There will be a sign in sheet requiring students to sign in and to sign out.

Link to YouTube video for what we did today – The link for today’s video can be found in MyGUST for the Week of March 12-18.


  1. Before midnight tonight, complete the Activity for “Save Our Coral” in Achieve3000. You can find the article by going to your Achieve in-box. There, you will find a message from me assigning this article. Click on the link at the bottom of the message and go to the Activity.
  2. Submit your completed rough draft to Turnitin before midnight tomorrow, March 14. Go to “Descriptive Process Essay” under the Week of Feb. 19-25 and click on Tab 4.
  3. Before midnight on March 15, complete the Activities for any two Achieve3000 articles of your choice.

What we will do in class on Wednesday, March 15 – Students will practice for the midterm writing exam and will finish editing their process essays.

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