Introduction to the cause and effect essay and “Social Media Helps”

What we did in class, today – Class started with a discussion of pp. 132-135 in Great Writing 5. Afterwards, students were asked to choose a topic from Guidelines for Cause or Effect Essay before Monday, April 3. Then, after reading the Achieve3000 article “This Sauce is Hot,” students completed the Activity and Thought Question.

Links to YouTube videos of what we have done in class this week – There was no video for today’s class.

Moodle Mobile app – This app for iPhones and androids enables you to get into MyGUST even when the site is down. Choose the orange Moodle Mobile app.

Opportunity to earn bonus credit 

  • Students can earn bonus credit for their Achieve3000 activities by doing the following: Between March 13 and before midnight on March 31, they must score at least 75 or above on 10 Achieve3000 activities. Only the marks for the first attempt will count.
  • Enter the Edible Books Contest for Literacy Day, April 12. Contestants should submit a cake decorated like their favorite book. (Click on International Edible Books Festival for more information.)
  • Help with the Story Hour on Literacy Day. Storybook readers and a parade leader are needed.
  • Submit a poem or short story for the English Department’s online magazine E-Muse. The submission must be before April 15.
  • Go to the Writing Lab (1st floor in the Library) for at least 30 minutes of tutoring. For each 30 minutes of tutoring, you earn 1/2 percent of bonus credit, up to 5% bonus credit.


  • If you have not completed three Achieve3000 articles and Activities at this point, be sure to do so before midnight on Friday, March 31. One of these must be “This Sauce Is Hot,” which is in your Achieve3000 inbox. Thought Question 4 is on this article.

What we will do in class on Monday, April 3 – We will work on our reading skills.

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