Sunday (Sections 2, 6 & 7): Learning style & Understanding the structure of an essay

What we did in class, today – We started class by taking completing the online My Learning Style questionnaire. Students were asked to let me know what their learning style is by e-mail. They should be sure also to let me know in which section they are registered, so that I can try to tailor my lectures to the general learning style of each section. Afterwards, I explained how to know which part of MySkillsLab we were working on each week when viewing the class calendar. Then, we reviewed Understanding the Structure of an Essay before completing, RW3.1 (Animation 2) and RW3.1 (Overview). Students were asked to complete these three exercises again before class on Tuesday, Sept. 19. Students who have not registered for the course in MySkillsLab must do so before class on Tuesday, Sept. 19


  • If you have not done so already, register for Pearson MySkillsLab before class on Sunday, Sept. 17.
  1. You need to purchase the registration code from GUST’s bookstore.
  2. You MUST use Chrome.
  3. Then, go to MyGUST and click on the link “MyLab & Mastering Tools – FOR REGISTRATION ONLY.”
  4. Next, be sure to allow pop ups; otherwise, you won’t be able to register for MySkillsLab.
  5. Now, click on the yellow rectangle that says “Open MyLab&Mastering.”
  6. If you already have a Pearson’s account, log in. If not, create an account.
  7. Once you have logged into Pearson, you’ll be given the option of entering your registration code from the GUST bookstore or paying by credit card.
  • In MySkillsLab, complete RW3.1 (Animation 1), RW3.1 (Animation 2) and RW3.1 (Overview) by following the steps below.
  1. On the MySkillsLab home page, click on Access Your Learning Path under Reading and Writing Skills.
  2. Click on Reading and Writing Essays.
  3. Click on RW3.1 (Overview) and read/listen to it. Once you have read/listened to it, click on the yellow Go to Learning Path button.
  4. Click on RW3.1 (Animation) and then on Animation 1: Essays: Recognizing an Essay.
  5. Once you have finished the first animation, click on Animation 2: Essays: Essay Writing.

What we will do in class on Tuesday, Sept. 19 – We will continue discussing essays and working in MySkillsLab as well as taking the RW3.1 Post-Test for a mark, so be sure to bring your laptop. Please note that RW3.1 Post-Test can only be done in class.

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