Tuesday (Sections 2, 6 & 7): Using concrete language

What we did in class, today – Students were asked to compare the percentages in Pearson’s Reading and Writing Skills section and Textbook Assignments Section to what is entered for these categories in MyGUST. The overall course grade is shown in MyGUST. If there is a discrepancy in what is shown in Pearson and what I have entered, please see me during my office hours.

It was announced that we would complete RW3.2 Post-Test in class on Thursday, Oct. 5.

Students were instructed to choose one of the two writing prompts in RW3.2 Write Drafting. If they choose the second prompt, their paragraph should relate to Kuwait, e.g. a beach here in Kuwait or a hospital here in Kuwait. This exercise is due before midnight on Wednesday, Oct. 4. If you have already completed this assignment, go back and rewrite it using one of the prompts below. Then, resubmit it.

  1. Brainstorm for 15 minutes on this thesis statement: “Every good parent possesses three traits.” Decide on the traits, and then write one body paragraph with a topic sentence and supporting details.
  2. For each of these places, think of five concrete details. See if you can come up with one for each sense. Choose one place (in Kuwait), and brainstorm or freewrite additional concrete details. Then write a paragraph using fresh, lively details and examples that help your reader picture the place.
  • the seashore
  • a hospital

We, then, discussed using concrete language and did two exercises. (This file is available in MyGUST under the week of October 1-7.)

Homework – After viewing RW3.2 Animation 2 and RW3.2 Animation 3, complete RW3.2 Recall 2, RW3.2 Apply: Model Document, RW3.2 Apply and RW3.2 Write Drafting before midnight on Wednesday, Oct. 4. They will not be available to complete after this date and time. These exercises are for marks.

What we will do in class on Thursday, Oct. 5 – We will do a speed writing exercise focusing on body paragraph. We will also take RW3.2 Post-Test, so be sure to bring your laptop, power cord and flash memory.

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