Wednesday (Section 11): Speed writing and RW3.2 post-test

What we did in class, today – It was announced that students can earn up to five percent bonus credit for going 10 times to the English Department’s Writing Lab (first floor in the library) for tutoring. They must take the bonus credit form with them, and only a TA can tutor them.

We, then, discussed using concrete language and did an exercise using concrete language. (This file is available in MyGUST under the week of October 1-7.)

Students were instructed to choose writing prompt 15 in RW3.2 Write Drafting. However, they are to follow the directions below instead of the direction for writing prompt 15. Students had 20 minutes in which to write, revise, edit and submit their work in RW3.2 Write Drafting.

For each of these places, think of five concrete details. See if you can come up with one for each sense. Choose one place (in Kuwait), and brainstorm or freewrite additional concrete details. Then write three body paragraphs using fresh, lively details and examples that help your reader picture the place.

  • the seashore – Marina Crescent or the Scientific Center
  • a hospital – a well-known hospital in Kuwait

If you have already completed this assignment, go back and rewrite it using one of the prompt above. Then, resubmit it.

On Monday, we will be discussing “Flight from Conversation” (pp. 41-44) in the e-text In Concert: Reading and Writing,  so students volunteered for different Literature Circle roles to lead the discussion.

Afterwards, students took RW3.2 Post-Test, which had to be completed in class to receive a mark.


  1. After viewing RW3.2 Animation 2 and RW3.2 Animation 3, complete RW3.2 Recall 1 and 2, RW3.2 Apply: Model Document, and RW3.2 Apply before midnight on Wednesday, Oct. 4. They will not be available to complete after this date and time. These exercises are for marks. (Please note that RW3.2 Write Drafting was submitted during class, today.)
  2. Read “Flight from Conversation” (pp. 41-44) in the e-text In Concert: Reading and Writing. Prepare for your Literature Circle roles.
  • Ghalya R. – Illustrator
  • Jenan – Literary Luminary
  • Rawan – Summarizer
  • Rayan – Researcher
  • Sara – Connector
  • Sara – Vocabulary
  • Tala – Questioner

What we will do in class on Monday, Oct. 9 – Students, based on their Literature Circle roles, will discuss “Flight from Conversation” and complete some of the exercises from Chapter 2.

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