Tuesday (Sections 2, 6 & 7): Revision of effect essay

What we did in class, today – Students used the handouts how to write an introduction for a cause or effect essaylogical flow of ideas, and development of an effect body paragraph to finish revising the introductions and body paragraphs of their effect essays. For their conclusion, they were instructed to:

  1. use one of the model sentences for an effect conclusion’s topic sentence,
  2. then to summarize their main points, and
  3. finally to add a concluding sentence that gives advice or refers back to the hook in the introduction.

Here is a sample conclusion:

To conclude, the use of modern technology to communicate leads to ease of communications as well as alienation and addiction. This technology facilitates connecting with friends and family at the touch of a button. Nevertheless, this ease comes at a price for many users. They often find themselves not wanting to participate in life around them so that they can feed their addiction to technology. In short, Einstein’s prediction has come true.

Bonus credit opportunities

  • It was announced that students can earn up to five percent bonus credit for going 10 times to the English Department’s Writing Lab (first floor in the library) for tutoring. They must take the bonus credit form with them, but only a TA (either Ms. Bushra or Ms. Fajer) may tutor them for bonus credit.
  • The English Department will host Musical Poetry on Monday, Dec. 4, at 12:30. Students who attend, stay for the entire performance, and write a paragraph explaining which poem was their favorite and why will receive 1/2 percent bonus credit. Students who perform will receive 2%.


  1. Finish revising the introduction and body paragraphs for the three major effects of communications technology effect before class on Thursday, Oct. 19. Bring a hard copy (photocopy) of your essay. Be sure to write your name in the upper left hand of the paper. If you have more than one page, be sure to staple your pages together. I will collect these at the beginning of the hour.
  2. Complete RW3.3 Overview, RW3.3 Animation, RW3.3 Recall 1, RW3.3 Recall 2, RW3.3 Apply: Model Document, and RW3.3 Apply before midnight on Wednesday, Oct. 18.
  3. Look over “Hidden Hunger” (pp. 117-119 in the e-reader) to decide which literature circle role you will volunteer for.

What we will do in class on Thursday, Oct. 19 – We will write RW3.3 Write Drafting in class and take the RW3.3 Post-Test in class. While students are working in MySkillsLab, I will be using an effect rubric to give them feedback on their revised effect essay that they submitted at the beginning of the hour.

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