Wednesday (Section 11): Comparison essays and Ch. 6 post-test

‘E-Waste’ by Ghalya Rajab

What we did in class, today – Students discussed “E-Waste and E-Waste Recycling” (pp. 183-184 in the MySkillsLab e-reader). Afterwards, students were told to open Ch. 6 Writing Paragraphs 4 (by accessing it through Learning Path in MySkillsLab). They were instructed to ignore the writing prompt and instead to write a point-by-point paragraph comparing and contrasting recycling and incineration of wastes. It was emphasized that they could not copy my sentences in my model paragraph. They were to submit their paragraph before the end of class. Here is a my model paragraph:

While incineration and recycling share several similarities, they differ in others. The biggest similarity is they both are ways of disposing of items the owners no longer want. Also, they both are hazardous to people and the environment. On the other hand, they are different in other ways. For one thing, not all waste is suitable for both incineration and recycling. For example, glass can only be recycled. Moreover, because of the hazardous effects of burning batteries, they are better suited for recycling. Finally, a major difference is the type of health hazards they pose. To illustrate, the risk of explosion exists with incinerating batteries, whereas recycling may harm the recycler’s skin.

Next, we discussed topics for comparison essays and completed Activity 1 (p. 107)  and Activity 2 (p. 108) in the handout. Then, we discussed writing strong thesis statements for comparison essays (p. 115) in the handout as well as discussing model comparison essay sentences.

Bonus credit opportunities

  • It was announced that students can earn up to five percent bonus credit for going 10 times to the English Department’s Writing Lab (first floor in the library) for tutoring. They must take the bonus credit form with them, but only Ms. Bushra or Ms. Fajer may tutor them for bonus credit.
  • The English Department will host Musical Poetry on Monday, Dec. 4, at 12:30. Students who attend, stay for the entire performance, and write a paragraph explaining which poem was their favorite and why will receive 1/2 percent bonus credit. Students who perform will receive 2%.


  • Complete Ch. 6 Checking Your Comprehension 1, Ch. 6 Checking Your Comprehension 2, Ch. 6 Checking Your Comprehension 3 and Ch. 6 Post-Test before midnight on Wednesday, Nov. 22.
  • Read “Online and Face-to-Face Learning in the Digital Age” on pp. 109-111 in the handout before class on Monday, Nov. 27.
  • Complete Activity 7 (pp. 116-117) in the handout before class on Monday, Nov. 27
  • Complete Activity 13 (p. 123) in the handout before class on Monday, Nov. 27.
  • Memorize model comparison essay sentences before class on Monday, Nov. 27.

What we will do in class on Monday, Nov. 27 – Students will review the homework, review writing comparison essays, and write a comparison essay for a mark.

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