Sunday (Section 2, 6 & 7): Writing exit exam

What we did in class, today – It was announced that Essay 2 marks and bonus credit have been entered in MyGUST, so students should check their grades in MyGUST. If there is a mistake, students must see me during my office hours either today or tomorrow. After that, no changes will be made. Students were told that I will collect their Writing Lab bonus credit sheets from Ms. Bushra and Ms. Fajer, today. 

Reading Exit Exams – The exit reading exam will be on Tuesday, Dec. 19. You will answer questions about two reading passages. There will be approximately eight questions per reading passage.

Homework – Complete Ch. 8 Writing Paragraphs 1 before class on Tuesday, Dec. 19.

Bonus credit opportunities –  The bonus credit forms for the Writing Lab are due no later than Sunday, Dec. 17.

What we will do in class on Tuesday, Dec. 19 – Students will sit for the reading exit exam, which is worth ten percent of the course grade.

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