Today’s exit exam conference hours

Your course grade is available in MyGUST. All your marked work is available in MyGUST. You are welcome to come during the office hours shown below if:

  • You want to get further feedback on the exit writing exam. – ENGL 112 students
  • You see a mistake in your grades.

These will be the only times to review your paper. Everyone can come to at least one of these conference hours because they are during your regularly scheduled class times. (Section 11 students were able to review their exit writing exams, yesterday.)

  • Thursday, Dec. 21, 8:05-8:55, in W1-170
  • Thursday, Dec. 21, 10:05-10:55, in W1-170
  • Thursday, Dec. 21, 1:05-1:55, in W1-170
  • Thursday, Dec. 21, 4:05-4:55, in W1-170

BAD reasons to discuss grades

  • You want to ask me to raise your grade (unless you see a mistake in the grades AND bring it to my attention before 4:55 on Thursday, December 21, no grades will be changed regardless of your circumstances — personal or academic. Consequently, do not even ask or tell me about your very difficult situation. You have done your best in this course, and (except for the bonus) you have earned the grade you have received. Do not waste time asking for better grades.
  • You want to do additional work to help raise your grade. (All of the grades for this course are announced at the beginning of the semester on the syllabus. Every piece of work in the semester is very important, and it would diminish its importance by adding pieces on at the end that can substitute. Also, the grades during the course are meant to evaluate your progress at that point in the semester. It is not fair to give replacement/bonus/additional assignments at the end, long after these skills have been evaluated for everyone else.)
  • You have special circumstances that you want me to consider. (The time for considering special circumstances is throughout the semester. Not at the end of the semester when all the work has been done.)

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