Tuesday: Cause and effect essay (cont.)

What we did in class, today – We completed pp. 155-157 in the handout.

Bonus Credit

  • Students who participate as part of a Quiz Show team on Wednesday, March 7, will earn bonus credit. To enter your team, contact Mr. John Ablorh (ablorh.j@gust.edu.kw) no later than the 21st of February.
  • Enter the Edible Books contest on the 11th of April to earn bonus credit.
  • Earn bonus credit by submitting your original poem or short story to e-Muse no later than the 30th of April.
  • It was announced that students can earn up to five percent bonus credit for going 10 times to the English Department’s Writing Lab (first floor in the library) for tutoring. They must take the bonus credit form with them.


  1. Complete MySkillsLab Reading and Writing Skills RW3.3 Overview, RW3.3 Animation, RW3.3 Recall 1, RW3.3 Recall 2, RW3.3 Apply: Model Document, RW3.3 Apply, and RW3.3 Write Drafting before midnight on Wednesday, Feb. 21.
  2. Make up any MySkillsLab assignments you have not completed. The only MySkillsLab assignments you cannot make up are post-tests and reading comprehension tests.

What we will do in class on Thursday, Feb. 22 – We take the RW3.3 Post-Test in class.

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