Thursday: Sections 6 and 52

What we did in class, today – It was announced that students must download and install Pearson Lockdown Browser before class on Sunday, May 19. We worked on ‘Understand the Structure of an Essay’ (Pearson Reading and Writing Skills 3.1) activities and took the post-test, which had to be completed in class.

Course Grade – Please note that your overall Pearson grade has been uploaded to MyGUST, so you are now able to see your course grade.


  • Register for Pearson MySkillsLab through MyGUST if you have not done so already. Create a Gmail account if you do not already have one.
  • Complete the Pearson R3.2 and R3.3 overviews and animations before class on Sunday. Do not do any of the other activities since students are required to do these in class.

What we will do in class, Sunday (May 19) – We will discuss ‘Secrets for Surviving College and Improving Your Grades’ (pp. 5-9 in Pearson’s e-Text in MySkillsLab) as related to thesis and body paragraphs.

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