What we did today – Students were reminded that Classwork 1 was marked and that they must notify me by 5 p.m. tomorrow if there is a mistake. They are to email me, stating which section they are in and what the mistake is.

Today’s class focused on previewing, starting with watching the video How to Preview a Text.

Afterward, the class practiced previewing, predicting, and skimming and scanning several passages, using their “reading” voices and “thinking voices.” Then, they did several reading exercises, and they completed Classwork 2, which was worth 5 classwork marks.


  1. Read 38.1 and 38.2 in Pearson Revel before 10 p.m. on October 5.
  2. Download Safe Exam Browser and configure it.

What we will do on Tuesday, October 4 – We will use several strategies to read “The Beeps” (Chapter 39, reading 17 in Pearson Revel e-book).

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