Classification essay practice

What we did today – Students were reminded that Parts 1 and 2 of Classwork 10 have been marked. If there is a mistake, students should email me at my GUST email account. They should let me know what section they are registered in and what the problem is. If I have not been notified by 5 p.m. tomorrow, the mark will stand as recorded.

Today, students wrote a 400-word classification essay in OneNote. They copied and pasted their essay into Part 1 of Classwork 11 in Turnitin. Only work that was submitted before the end of class will be marked. Classwork 11 Part 1 is worth 4 marks. Students who wrote at least 400 words will receive 4 marks, students who wrote 300-399 words will receive 3 marks, students who wrote 200-299 words will receive 2 marks, and students who wrote 100-199 words will receive 1 mark.

Homework – Read pp. 102-109 (9.1-9.2.3) and pp. 200-204 (14.6) in the Pearson e-book before Tuesday, Nov 8.

What we will do on Tuesday, November 8 – Students will revise the classification essay they wrote on Sunday. Part 2 of Classwork 11 will be worth 4 marks. The ENGL 100 Essay Rubric will be used to mark Part 2 of Classwork 11.

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