Classwork 12: Classification essay practice

What we did today – Students were reminded that Part 2 of Classwork 11 has been marked. If there is a mistake, students should email me at my GUST email account. They should let me know what section they are registered in and what the problem is. If I have not been notified by 5 p.m. on Sunday, the mark will stand as recorded.

Today, students wrote a 400-word classification essay in OneNote. They copied and pasted their revised essay into Classwork 12 in Turnitin. Only work that was submitted before the end of class will be marked. Classwork 12 is worth 4 marks. The ENGL 100 Essay Rubric will be used to mark the essay.

Homework – Review the writing project guidelines before class on Sunday.

What we will do on Sunday, November 13 – Students will begin the writing project. Students in Group A will go directly to the Writing Lab on Sunday, but they will return to the classroom on Tuesday. Groups B and C will meet in the classroom.

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