Revising and editing

What we did today – Group B students were in the Writing Lab, while Groups A and C were in the classroom. All three groups revised and edited their 500- to 600-word classification essay in OneNote in the Writing Project Essay folder. Students ensured that they had not plagiarized any work.

  • Every assignment with a similarity index above 5% (excluding references and quoted material) will result in a score of zero (0).
  • In case of cheating that is not detected by TURNITIN, if the instructor still suspects plagiarism, he or she may take the following steps in any order that is deemed appropriate. The instructor may ask the student to prove the authenticity of the work in any method that she or he deems suitable. If the student does not cooperate, declines to provide any proof, and delays the process of producing proof, the paper will automatically get a zero. The instructor may forward the essay to the Writing Coordinator, who will set up an ad hoc committee with a minimum of two other writing instructors. The committee members will scrutinize the essay in question along with all the other evidence submitted by the instructor showing the student’s level of English and will reach a conclusion in one or two days. The conclusion will be shared with the coordinator, instructor and student.

What we will do on Thursday, November 24 – Group C students will be in the Writing Lab, while Groups A and B will be in the classroom. Depending on their topic, students will download either the Writing Project Essay Template – Parenting Styles or the Writing Project Essay Template – Higher Education Institutions at the beginning of the class. Then, they will copy and paste their essays into the appropriate template. They will ensure that their essays follow these guidelines:

  • Size 12 font Times New Roman OR Arial
  • Double spaced
  • The student’s name and section should be at the top left of the page
  • Include a clear title in BOLD (centered)

Once they have copied and pasted their essay into the template, they will submit their file to Writing Project Essay in Turnitin (in MyGUST under the week of 20 November – 26 November). They must submit their file before the end of the class. The Writing Project Essay is worth 10% of the course grade.

What we will do on Sunday, November 27 – All students will meet in the Writing Lab to write a 500-word classification essay, which is worth 20% of the course grade. Students will choose from one of two topics. They will write an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The essay will be submitted no later than the end of class. No extra time will be given.

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