Submission of Writing Project Essay

What we did today – Group C students were in the Writing Lab, while Groups A and B were in the classroom. All three groups downloaded either the Writing Project Essay Template – Parenting Styles or the Writing Project Essay Template – Higher Education Institutions. Then, they copied and pasted their essays into the appropriate template. They ensured that their essays followed the Writing Project guidelines. Finally, they submitted their file to Writing Project Essay in Turnitin (in MyGUST under the week of 20 November – 26 November).


  1. Starting Tuesday, November 29, we will be using Google Docs. I will need your Gmail address in order to share your Google Doc with you, so please send your Gmail address to my GUST account. Be sure to let me know in which section you are registered.
  2. Read pp. 114-126 (10.1-10.7) and pp. 177-217 (14.1-14.9) in Pearson before class on Tuesday, November 29.

What we will do on Sunday, November 27 All students will meet in the Writing Lab to write a 500-word classification essay, which is worth 20% of the course grade. Students will choose from one of two topics. They will write an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The essay will be submitted no later than the end of class. No extra time will be given.

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