Introduction to the argumentative essay

What we did today – It was announced that the in-class comparison essay had been marked. Students can see how their paper was marked by going to In-class comparison essay – 13 Dec 2022 in MyGUST and clicking on their mark. That will open Feedback Studio. If they click on the rubric icon, they can see how their paper was marked. If there is a mistake, students must inform me in writing by 5 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 18. They should send an email to my GUST email account, letting me know their section and what the specific error is. Otherwise, the mark stands as recorded.

Students began studying the argumentative essay by reviewing argument terms and watching Analyzing Your Audience: Your Key to Success. Then, they completed the OWL: Analyzing Your Audience Activity before viewing the video OWL: Argumentative Thesis Sentences in ReviewFinally, students completed the OWL: Argumentative Thesis Activity.

Homework – Read “Should We All Go Cashless” before class on Sunday.

Bonus Credit – Students were reminded that they could earn up to 5% extra credit by attending Writing Lab tutoring sessions (½% credit for each 30-minute session, with a maximum of 5%.). To schedule an appointment for tutoring, send the lab instructors an email requesting an appointment. (Their email addresses are in the syllabus in MyGUST.) It is suggested that you send a screenshot of your schedule to enable them to find a time that is convenient for you and for them. Also, you must let them know which section you are in.

What we will do on Sunday, December 18 – After reviewing how to write an argumentative essay introduction, students will write a practice argumentative essay introduction for Classwork 16 (1 mark) in their Google Docs file.

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