The Effects of Mobile Phones

mobileMobile phones are sold in the millions and are used all across the world. However, with every new high tech phone that is brought to the market, scientist have realised they are considered a higher health risk. Thus, not carrying mobile phones can help prevent many threats that effect health.

More than 2 billion people world wide use wireless mobile telephony and there have been concerns that these phones produce harmful radiation that effect health. Therefore, the concerns have been studied and researched on both animals and humans. The results of these studies have shown harmful effects that mobiles phones have on the human body.

Mobile phones have been known to increase the temperature of a specific part of the brain causing the circulation to increase in that part. This results in what scientists call blood-brain barrier effects. Studies have also proved that mobile phone signals affect sleep quality and patterns, which is due to exposure of the delta waves sent from the devices.

Moreover, scientist have also found that microwave radiation causes leakage of albumin into the brain, the main concerns is that that albumin is toxic to neuron cells and can cause permanent damage to the cells. People have reported many unspecific symptoms when using mobile phones, starting from as simple as dizziness and headaches to the point of losing mental attention and burning sensations in the skin.

A project supported by the EU had revealed evidence of brain cell damage which were caused by mobile phones. The more mobiles phones are used the higher the risk of brain tumours, there are other reports which indicate that electromagnetic radiation produced by mobile may trigger a biological effect in the cells or tissues. However, the study of whether these biological effects lead to cancer is still in progress, till this day there is only limited scientific evidence concerning the health issues, and no actual proof that mobile phones can develop cancer. Nevertheless mobile phone radiation leads to HSPS in exposed cells and tissues, which over time affects their normal regulation and results in cancer. This hypothesis enhances the possibility of a relation between mobile phone use and cancer, thus making scientists focusing on it for further experiment.

Research has clearly shown a higher risk of traffic accidents when mobile phones are either handheld or with a hands free kit. Mobile phones can also interfere with medical devices such as implantable defibrillators, pacemakers, and some hearing aids.

The most effective technique for protecting yourself against the dangers of cell phone radiation is keeping the phone at a distance from the body. And certain national radiation advisory authorities recommend using hand free to decrease the radiations and try to keep mobiles away from the body; scientists also recommend clipping a ferrite bead onto hands-free kits in order to stop radio waves form travelling up the wires. The safest headsets have hollow air tubes, similar to those used in stethoscopes, instead of wires. They offer protection against both near-field and far-field exposure. Eighty percent of red blood cells are formed in the hip bones. Thus, wearing mobile phones on the wrist should be avoided since they can expose some radiation to the hips. , considering the effects of mobile phones, some manufacturers have suspended certain mobile phone models that targeted  children at the ages of eight year olds.

In conclusion, there may be a lack of scientific evidence surrounding mobile phones and major diseases such as cancer. Nevertheless, there is clear proof that mobile phones are considered a health risk; therefore people should try to minimize their usage to prevent exposure to the radio waves.

Hussain Nezar Al Hussaini

ENG 100 Section 52

21 December 2008

The Japanese Samurai Facing the German Gladiator

infiniti1It is the battle of dignity between the samurai sword and the gladiator shield. The battle has been going on for at least five years. Everyone has been waiting for the new Japanese samurai. The “Infiniti G37” that has been fighting to the end against the old and strong Gladiator, the “BMW 335i”. They have been fighting each other in the same field, which is the sport coupe class. All of the fans are waiting to see how they look from the outside and the inside, although one of them is more expensive than the other.  The most important point of all is the engine of both cars. So book your seat and get ready to find out about the winner.

The first thing that anyone would think about when buying a new car is how the car looks like, and this point, especially for the girls, is pretty vital.  Both cars have a new look from the outside and the inside.  The “Infiniti G37S” has a very sharp exterior and the front gives it more attractive look than the “BMW 335i”.  Similarly, the interior of the “BMW 335i” is a regular one, but with very comfortable seats for the front and the back. The Infiniti has a very luxurious and sporty interior with comfortable sport seats in the front and regular seat in the back, which might be uncomfortable for some people. bmw1

The price is the second important point for some who is going to buy a new car, and it is the very first question that comes on people’s mind: how much is it?  On one hand the Japanese choose a very reasonable price for the Infiniti which is 14000 K.D, but on the other hand, the Germans choose a very high price for their spoiled car, which is 19600 K.D. 

With all the technology both the Germans and the Japanese have, people should ask about the accessories in the cars. In the BMW, there are many new accessories like the screen, CD player, DVD player, and a Bluetooth system. In the Infiniti, there are many more accessories than the BMW, like the surround system that is presented by Bose, and the rear camera.    

The last point is the most important point to someone who cares about speed and engine performance. Under the BMW’s hood, there is the amazing twin turbo engine, which gives the driver 350 hp, and on the Infiniti’s side, there is a whopping new engine called the “VQ37” with a VVEL system that gives the driver 350 hp, and this new system helps to save the gasoline.  

In the end, after seeing their designs, their prices, their accessories, and their engine performance, both the Japanese and the Germans are great inventors. Although the Japanese Infiniti had a better look, a lower price, more accessories, and a new engine, the German BMW still is a bigger name. It is just a matter of time to see who wins in the end.

Abdulwahab Al-Juhairy

ENG 100 Section 52

13 November 2008